Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Some Random Stuff In My Head, Pt.1

I decided to take a break from unbearably long rants and just jot down a few things at a time that jump into my head from time to time.  Hope you enjoy it.

>  A swarthy fellow came up to me yesterday and said "I like the cut of your jib."  I took that as high praise, since he was a pirate, and they are quite renowned for their jib-cutting.

>  I saw this sign on a seafood place the other day: "Seafood Garden".  Ummm.. WTF crops are you planting, exactly?

>  If I could, I would jump in a time machine, go back in time to when dodo birds roamed the earth, and gather some dodo birds eggs.  Then I would return to the present day, and make a tasty dodo bird-egg breakfast burrito.  At P. Diddy's house.  Yeah, s**k it, Audubon!

>  If you haven't heard of the comedian Whitney Cummings, you are missing out.  She is hy-larious.  And Natasha Leggero. Exceptionally funny comedians.