Friday, June 25, 2010

AWOL Afghans Playing "Farmville", BFFs with Paris Hilton?

I might start a theme here called "Freaky Friday" by posting weird news stories on Fridays...nahh, too cliche'... anyway, I invite your attention to this article on Fox News (Link) :

Hunh... I have observed here in the last oh, year or so I suppose, that virtually everyone in the known universe has a Facebook account.  When people ask me if I have an account, and I say no, I get a look like "what? You don't own a television? Are you Amish?" Anyway, different topic.  I am already pissed apoplectic over the fact that Afghan nationals were issued Common Access Cards (CACs) to have unrestricted access to military facilities.  These are usually reserved for US Military, Dept. Of  Defense Civilian workers, and on a limited basis to civilian contractors working with the DoD.  Now, you may say, "but aren't the Afghans our allies?  Why wouldn't we give these to them if they are our allies? Well, gentle reader, good question.  From a military / intelligence perspective, even allies of the U.S. do not get unrestricted access at times.  Even though a nation may be our allies, it still may not be in the best interests of national security to grant them access to all facilities or information.  In my opinion, the SMART thing to do would have been to give these geniuses limited access with escorts or something similar so they can't just come and go as they please anywhere, 24/7.  But that horse has already galloped from the stable, so...

So now, according to this article, we discover some are evidently in Canada.  Now here is where symantics fouls things up.  ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) is saying only 4 remain "at large".  But apparently their definition of "at large" is a pretty liberal one (no pun intended).  Because to ME, "at large" means that person is not where the f*** they are supposed to be.  Their definition, however, means "most of them have fled to Canada, and we don't have a damn clue where 4 of them are at all."  Geeenius!

Now to the Facebook part:  " thing most of them have in common is an affection for social networking. found Facebook pages belonging to 11 of the 17 deserters. The wife of one of them also created a page... Many of the men found on Facebook appear unconcerned that they are being actively sought by law enforcement officials, having made little or no attempt to disguise their identities or whereabouts. Eleven of the men can be linked together either directly or through mutual friends on Facebook."  Even more ridiculous... one of them is a fan of Paris Hilton, according to the article, and also of the group "Free Webcam sex with me!"  Umm... now I am not a theologian or religious expert by any means, but wouldn't that violate something in the Muslim faith?  Just asking...

So Fox News can find these guys... what the hell is the government doing to find them, other than just "working with Canadian authorities"?  This is a major breach of security, in my opinion. I sure hope our intelligence assets are using this Facebook evidence to track these clowns down!