Monday, June 21, 2010

But What About the Strip.... I Mean, Exotic Dancers?

I love the news aggregator site Fark (link at the top of the sitte) because it does a tremendous job of collecting of the weirdest, funniest stories around the world.  Peruse this article from yesterday (Link):

New Orleans strip club Mimosa Dancing Girls files oil spill compensation claim

" AN unlikely company has filed a claim for compensation regarding the disaster - a New Orleans strip club.

The owners of The Mimosa Dancing Girls, located on the edge of New Orleans, claimed that the spill was bad for business as the fishermen who usually frequented the club cannot afford to spend money there, British newspaper The Observer reported. BP announced yesterday that it had already received 64,000 compensation claims, adding that it already paid $104 million to residents along the US Gulf Coast... As well as strip joint owners, restaurant waitresses, dock workers, plumbers and electricians also came to the centre, saying their livelihoods were severely hit, the newspaper reported."

I am really posting this as a Public Service Announcement. If you are in the Nawlins area, or any other area along the Gulf coast that is being impacted by this debacle disaster, support all of the local businesses. And that includes the "Gentlemen's Clubs". Hey, exotic dancers have to make a living too, you know.